Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hexi Heaven

How many of you find yourselves stuck somewhere with nothing to do? OK, maybe nothing to do is a laughable concept...there's always something!  But think about all of the opportunities that you could be sewing if only you weren't in the doctor's waiting room, or in the carpool line waiting for school to let out, or at that two hour soccer practice. Or maybe your significant other really likes to watch TV and you could take it or leave it but you want to spend your evenings with them instead of locked away in your studio all alone but you still want to sew! (um, could that be me?)... You get the picture. There is a lot of time spent just waiting. And if you're like me, sitting doing nothing is just short of pure torture.

Well, wait no more! If you don't already have a portable project to work on in those times, let me suggest that you start a hexagon quilt! "What??", you ask? "Isn't that hand piecing??" 

Why yes, it is. And it's EASY!

This is one that I've finished called Let There Be Light. 

I carried its parts around in a repurposed box in which I hot glued a magnet to the inside of the lid to hold needles. It went to the allergy doctor, to Little League, to pretty much was my grab and go project for a while. It's amazing what you can accomplish in your "spare" time!

I've designed a new one that I've started stitching on...this one is about 5x bigger than the one above. It has, oh, 3,000+ some pieces in it. Daunting, yes, but it is going to be gorgeous! Here's a sneak peek:

Give hexis a try! You'll never be stuck empty handed again. If you'd like to make Let There Be Light you can find the pattern on my ETSY site. The instructions are photo illustrated, step by step, and the pattern diagrams are in full color.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

...and it was GOOD!

Well done, it looks wonderful.

Nane said...

Very Pretty Karen, I haven't been bitten by this bug yet but it is amazing what you can get done with lots of little bits of time.

MJMR said...

There was a quilt in the show at Mid Atlantic that had 12,256 quarter size hexagon pieces. It took the quilter 3 months short of three years to complete. She hand quilted the quilt and then turned it over and hand embroidered the lines on the back to hind the quilting AND did alternating appliqued lines! So 3000+ pieces will be a cake walk.

Karen Newman Fridy said...

Wow...I bet that was stunning! I hope it won an award.