Thursday, July 21, 2011


I have a bad habit of going for long periods between posts... but I have good excuses! Really  :)

I've been busy this summer teaching Kids and Teen Camps at Sew Original and it's been lots of fun! There were two "I Can Sew!" camps for kids, one teen camp and today wrapped up the kids "I Can Quilt!" camp. I'm utterly the best way possible. It's been great sharing the love of all things fabric with these kids!

I managed to get some photos of Quilt Camp...enjoy!

Prior to camp the girls picked out their fabrics, which I pre-cut for them so we wouldn't have to deal with rotary cutters and the accompanying potential hazards thereof ...  :)

They learned the joys of chain piecing...

Row piecing...


The joys of pin basting...just look at these happy campers!

Then it was on to the quilting. These girls were FEARLESS!!
Sew girls, sew!!

And look! TA DAAAAA!!!!!
All that's left to do is flip and stitch the binding to the backside and sew on the labels. I should have taken pictures of the labels...they were so cute!! They each designed their own.

I'm so proud of these girls. They worked hard and had fun!