Saturday, February 15, 2014

And One From Dad...

Back in the day my parents had a small business that sold and serviced among other things Singer sewing machines. Yes, that's how I came into the world of all things needle and thread! The shop backed up to the local florist, and there was a connection between the two spaces separated only by a curtain. Oh the good ole days...when you could trust your neighbor and before the building codes got so strict, not to mention the insurance companies. When I was little I would slip into the back room of the florist where they would let me see the flowers in the walk-in cooler and best of all they would let me play with the pipe cleaners - oh the colors and the bendy fuzzyness! It was a magical place to me.

One really nice thing about being back-door neighbors with the florist is that Eddie, the owner, never let Dad forget an important occasion. Every birthday and every Valentine's Day Dad came home with a bud vase holding a single red rose with baby's breath for me. Every year.

After I moved away and got married Dad would call Jimmy and ask him to get that for me. It took several years to convince my husband that what I really want for special occasions is not a dozen roses but one. Just one.

Dad left this world in 2005, but still to this day my husband gets me a rose from him. And the tradition has taken on a new twist over the years since our boys came along...I get one from each of my special guys. :)

No, I'll never be a "dozen girl". One will do just fine...from each of them. And one from Dad.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, January 3, 2014

And Now It's 2014...


I'm not even sure how a new year has gotten here so fast! So much has happened and so much has changed, that I guess it's fitting a fresh new year has begun. I can honestly say I can look back at 2013 with some very fond memories, some proud accomplishments, three major milestones (turning 50, wedding anniversary #20, elder son turning 16) and no regrets, but also with a painful realization that my life has been way too overbooked for way too long and the toll that has taken on everything in my world has become too great. I have taken a big step back from the forest of my life, looked at what was bearing fruit and what was not, and am taking steps- some big, some small, some heartbreaking- towards making changes that will hopefully restore some balance, health, and breathing room to my world.

Categorically I can say that quilting and art, for now, are going back into the "probby" file ("probby" being a professional hobby, something that might make a little money but is not a primary means of making a 'living'). That's not to say that I won't be doing it at all. On the contrary, those things are absolutely necessary...they feed my soul! Unfortunately though, after due time and dedication, I have been forced to face the reality that as a full-time pursuit they don't feed my kids. And dang y'all....I have two teenage boys. If you've raised boys you know all they do is eat!! ;)

And so, I regroup... redirect...reevaluate. I will be taking on interior design projects again. For the short term at least, I will still be running quilts (gotta make the loan payments on the longarm while I'm regrouping and reevaluating!). And I will be giving myself permission to take better care of myself. Actually, I am requiring that.

To the road ahead! Forward the adventures 2014 will bring.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Whoa!!! It's...almost...May???

Yep...still flying around at warp speed in my world! So many exciting things have been going on...wrapped up a big interior design job...been super busy in the Sew Sisters studio...I had a recent trip to Phoenix....and it's baseball season!! Most days I'm not sure which end is up but it's all good. :D

And as soon as I catch up with myself (and download a TON of pictures) I'll catch it all up here too!

Stay tuned!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Whoa!! What Do You Mean 'It's the end of December' ??

Has it really been since SEPTEMBER that I posted??

Why yes, I do believe I must have fallen off the planet!

Or it would seem that way here anyway, huh? Oy! The fall flew by and I was too busy to breathe. My DH's work took him out west for 7 out of  8 weeks which put me in severe-single-working-mother mode. I survived, I think. But boy, I'm in no hurry to repeat THAT again anytime soon! Add to that a child who got and stayed sick for almost 4 weeks straight (he's fine now), a big renovation design job, LOTS of quilts to quilt, the holidays, etc. etc...... and.....well no wonder I haven't been here! Thank goodness for Facebook or I would feel completely out of touch. :)

This whole year has flown by. When I look back through the pictures on my phone I marvel at just how much happened. It was the Year of the Flood, AKA The Great Clean Up/Out , the necessary studio renovation. The Year of All Star baseball traveling, from District to State to Regionals! The year of the eldest starting high school...and DRIVING! The year of starting a new business (yay Sew Sisters!) and juggling it with the old (yay design projects!). It was the year of friends getting seriously sick...and finding their way through to places of healing - four still with us and one gone to the place where there is no more hurting. I'm thankful for each of my brave friends.

It was the year of loss and gain, good and bad. A year of LIFE.

Thankfully the Mayans got it wrong...we're still here. And you know what that means...We get to keep at this adventure called life. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see what the next year has in store!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Almost There and the BIG NEWS!

The renovation is mostly complete! I am hoping that by the end of this weekend the last of the studio contents will be back in place. It's been a long, and at times overwhelming, journey...but it's sew much better than it was! Bright, cheery, and of course with a splash of 'slime' green!


It now has a longarm quilting machine in it!!!

For a while now, Lisa Alley and I have been tossing about the idea to join forces to start a business. When the flood came and everything fell apart (so to speak) in the studio...well, I just knew it was time! If you have to put things back together why not make them much better than they were before?

We are Sew Sisters, LLC. We're up and running! We provide longarm services, make commissioned quilts and more. Hop over to and check us out! We are on Facebook and have a blog too. Please come visit us often, and bring your friends :)

And do keep coming to see me here too. I promise there will be studio pictures soon!

Sunday, July 29, 2012