Friday, February 10, 2012

Featured Artist Friday - Rose Wenkel, Burlington, NC

Welcome again to Featured Artist Friday! This week I'd like for you to meet Rose Wenkel, another of my fellow Cosmic Cow Society members. Originally from New York City, Rose came to North Carolina in 1972 where she raised her family. Then at age 50 she went back to school to get her degree in Graphic Design, after which she worked in advertising until she retired.

Art  has been a major part of her life in one way or another for the past 30 years. In addition to running an ad agency, over the years she has painted and taught classes in oils, watercolors, and mixed media. Rose says, "Upon retiring I went back to my paints and brushes once more, giving me an outlet for the many more years of creative thinking still unexplored."

Having lived in seven states and traveling extensively is reflected in Rose's paintings. She explains:

 "Often drawing from the many inspiring sights and experiences in my life shows in the diversity of subjects, while the bright colors reflect spirit and personality. Although primarily an oil painter, I often switch to watercolors and like to experiment with mixed media, finding new way to express ideas in art.

The one thing that ties my work together is color, bright bold colors that draw the eye and evokes feelings of all kinds."

And oh is that true! She uses rich, intense, saturated colors that just draw you in and keep your attention. Whether it's a soft dreamy piece or a bold abstract, Rose's use of color embodies her energy and joy for life.

Her work has sold locally, throughout the eastern US, in Italy and England. To see more of her gorgeous paintings please visit her website, or The Cosmic Cow Society, or ArtistRising

Images provided by the artist. All rights reserved.