Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Art Unleashed

Have you ever had one of those days where the best you could manage was DUH? (Please tell me 'of course' so I'll know I'm not the only one...)

In the rush to get the boys ready for baseball games, Lucy walked(so she would be a bit worn out before the parade and wouldn't be in hyperdrive) and bathed, and myself ready as well, I flew out the door to get to the festivities - running late, of course - and realized half way there that I didn't have my camera! ARRAGGGHHH!!!! A friend took some pictures and should be emailing them to me soon, but in the meantime, here is how 'Lucy Loves the Bow-House' turned out.

The parade was a blast, as was the street festival. Lots of people turned out with their pets, and I had several people stop me as I was walking through downtown to return to my car and ask if it was 'Dog Day' in the city. I suppose it was. And a good day it was indeed. The city is blessed with an abundance of fine art cats and dogs which will be on display through August, when they will be auctioned off to their permanent homes. Thank you Forsyth Humane Society for what you do to help animals in our area, and for promoting art as well.

Speaking of art, be sure and stop by Chelsee's Coffee on Trade Street between now and the end of May to see the exhibit of art quilts by the Beecassos...I have 2 pieces hanging: "Rising Above Adversity With a Clear Conscience" and "Guest in My Garden". Bring your friends, enjoy a latte and some sinfully good cake, and feast your eyes....

Monday, April 21, 2008

Time Flies

Wow...the last two weeks have been really busy!! It's always a bit crazy after a week's vacation - which makes me wonder sometimes, why go at all? Seems like you have to work twice as hard before you go and five times that after you get back! But, there has to be a change of scenery and a time for making the cares of the world go away for a moment, so in spite of the trappings, a vacation is a really good thing.

Ah, then it's back to reality...

The first thing I did (after unpacking!) was finish my Art Unleashed entry..."Lucy Loves the Bow-House" is off being clear coated and prepared for the parade which will be this Saturday 4/26. I hope the weather cooperates! I will be escorted by the real Lucy - which should be a hoot! I will post pictures...and for anyone local to W-S, please come out, enjoy the festivities, and support the Humane Society. Parade starts at 11 AM, downtown on 4th Street, ending in the Arts District with lots of activities and vendors.

Last week I decided (last minute - is there any other way?) to make a bed quilt as a gift for a very special person...I only have about a month to pull this off, but I'm going to be on a 4 day quilting retreat soon so I think I can get it done in time. Of course, I still have to keep my other projects on track too.

One thing's for sure - I don't have to worry about being bored...

Friday, April 4, 2008

Here fishy fishy

Soooo......well, I do love me some Howard's Pub! Yep. Uh huh. Kept us from starving! They have a killer crabcake there, among other things, and we enjoyed some fun rounds of ring toss and foozball. Needless to say, nothing edible was biting out on the beach! We caught a couple more dogsharks, braving the wind and surf, but I guess the run of bluefish had moved on. We spent yesterday roaming up Hwy 12 to see the lighthouses and visited the NC Aquarium at Roanoke Island - well worth the trip.

Now it's time to start packing up for the trip home. My sister-in-law and her crew are headed here Saturday for their week of spring break...I think the weather may be a bit more in their favor! Maybe they will catch enough to freeze and bring our way...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Time Away

With the 'puppy' almost done. and interior projects at a manageable place, we've headed out for some time away to a place near and dear to me - Ocracoke Island. The weather has been less than cooperative, but in between the rains we have had quite a bit of good luck far we have dined on fresh drum and bluefish. YUM! And I, in my usual rogue fashion, have caught a spiny fin dog shark. I can't ever seem to catch the "normal" stuff...last year here it was Oyster Toadfish - freak of nature that is! Alas, my specialty remains sharks and eels. Sigh. But, it's fun none the less and hopefully before week end I will land something edible! If not, there's always Howard's Pub!

Max and Lucy have been having a ball...their first time at the beach. Lucy was a bit reserved, in her usual prissy manner, but Max was wide open, tongue flapping in the salty breeze. I've never seen a happier dog.
Time to head out for another round...let's see what I get today...