Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Funny what happens when you refuse to resist the urge to click the "try the new interface" button. You end up changing the whole enchilada because there doesn't seem to be a button for "OK I've seen it, let me back now please"! It's a point of no return.

 I've been meaning to give this place a face lift for a while now anyway...but it's not quite there yet. For example, while I love lime green, red, black and white, I would like to have the option to change some of the text that now shows green to black, and it's not giving me that choice. And the banner isn't quite what I want either. I've still got some tinkering to do. And more than a few things to learn, I'm sure. :)

So bear with me as I update my look.  I'll try to sort it all out quickly.

And fearlessly!

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