Friday, February 17, 2012

Featured Artist Friday - MIA

Unfortunately I don't have an artist to introduce this's been one of those weeks! I do have someone upcoming though sometime in the next couple of weeks...a young artist who is having her debut show opening in March and I can't wait to showcase her unique pieces! You will love her!

Meanwhile, for this week I'll just ask the question:

Who is your favorite artist - current or historical - and why?

Two of my favorites are Escher and Picasso. I've always loved Escher's ability to twist reality and fool the eye. His mastery of tessellations is unmatched. And Picasso...the inspiration behind the name of my local fiber arts group The Beecassos. I love Picasso's wonky faces! When I was a new (translate: exhausted) mom I always said I felt like a walking Picasso! :) Sometimes I still do...

Like this week....

Since I can't publish their works I'll give you these links. Enjoy!


Salem Stitcher said...

I've always loved Van Gogh's paintings. I get lost in Starry Night.

And I'm with on Escher. Before I moved to Winston, I came to visit a college friend of mine that had moved here. We went to an escher display at a gallery near downtown. Being engineers, we were mesmerized.

Anonymous said...

Zac Newman Art..... Because he used to be my son :~O(