Monday, January 9, 2012


Last week was a particularly stressful one. Among other things my schedule got all flip-flopped about and the Friday that was overbooked ended up open. That turned out to be the best part of the week! When Bonnie called and said she was making a last minute decision to go to our bee's quilt retreat, and said "come with me!" I JUMPED on the chance! I hadn't planned on going...just too much going on and trying to watch the budget. But things have a way of working out so off we went!

See the little brown bag at the far right? That's my clothes. The rest of it? That's the important stuff! :) Projects packed...I'm ready!!

We had to make a stop at the Super Target in Moorseville before we hit camp, and that turned into a gigglefest that is probably recorded on the store's security system. On the way to finding what we were there for we stumbled onto some sock monkeys...these danced and sang, so of course we had to push all the buttons....

and more sock monkeys...

and more... (I adopted these)

Oh what fun!! We did actually get what we went for, then headed on to Camp Dogwood for our sew-fest. Our bee has been going there for several years now, thanks to bee member Carolyn. She always coordinates our visits there. (Thanks Carolyn!!)

Once there we set up and went to work. For three glorious days 11 of us sewed and laughed ourselves silly. We all got lots accomplished and our sisterhood bonds were strengthened.

Martha Claire and Muriel        Laura P, Lisa, and Mrs. Goodneedle

The view from our workroom (awesome!)

Sock monkeys approve of Lisa's quilt (left)...........and mine too (hexis)!

This is my Christmas quilt. I started it here, oh, a few years ago, and now it's FINALLY a top! Just needs borders and it's ready to quilt.

Bernie, Sparky, and a funky chicken. What more could you want?

This is my Storm at Sea, started at a FPQ workshop with John Flynn, now ready to quilt!


Another of Lisa's gorgeous quilt tops. I lost count of how many things she got done! She sort of blew my mind when she started her Storm at Sea...

Can you believe this????

I sure am glad I went!! Thanks a million Bonnie for getting me there!! You're the best! :D

There are more great pictures on Mrs. Goodneedle's blog, Bonnie's blog, and Lisa's blog ...hop over there and have a visit. I'm truly blessed to have such amazing quilt sisters!

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I had to laugh at the photo w/ me and Laura P., looks like we're having a stand-off! Funny. Oh, boy; we did have fun, didn't we?