Friday, January 20, 2012

Featured Artist Friday - Jody Pounds, Yadkinville, NC

This week's featured artist is Jody Pounds of Yadkinville, NC. Jody is a glass artist working in mosaics, which I find to be so very beautiful! I have a special love of glass work. My past experience with stained glass was in the Tiffany style - cut, copper wrapped, and soldered - which I did for about 7 years several many years ago before art and fabric collided in my world. But what Jody does with glass is quite different and very intricate. I've seen her at work and the process is just fascinating. She explains:

"I create art by taking hundreds of tiny pieces of stained glass and fitting them together into a mosaic. The variety of colors and textures in the glass provide me with an endless palette and I find that I am most often inspired by the glass itself as each piece of glass is different. The colors can be both vibrant and delicate and I find that the glass speaks to me - until I can’t resist picking it up and smashing it and then putting it back together, my way.

"In Flight" by Jody Pounds

She continues:
I have been creating mosaics since 2001 when my loving husband gifted me with an antique stained glass window. I fell in LOVE with stained glass and knew that I would find a way to create with it. At that time in my life there was no chance of taking any formal stained glass classes so I did a lot of research and basically taught myself the art of mosaics. In 2010 I opened my professional studio, A Mosaic Moment, on the campus of the gorgeous new Yadkin Cultural Arts Center in downtown Yadkinville, NC. My studio is located in the YARD (Yadkin Artists Residing Downtown) and from there I create and teach. I also work part-time for the Yadkin Arts Council so my days are overflowing and wonderful."

Jody is a dynamic person full of energy and great ideas! She creates everything from windows to wall pieces, functional pieces to public art. Please visit her website to see more of her beautiful works in mosaic glass!

(Pictures provided by the artist. All rights reserved)

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Nane said...

These are great posts Karen! I do love Jody's pieces. She needs to do some quit blocks next!!! Ha