Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Time Away

With the 'puppy' almost done. and interior projects at a manageable place, we've headed out for some time away to a place near and dear to me - Ocracoke Island. The weather has been less than cooperative, but in between the rains we have had quite a bit of good luck far we have dined on fresh drum and bluefish. YUM! And I, in my usual rogue fashion, have caught a spiny fin dog shark. I can't ever seem to catch the "normal" stuff...last year here it was Oyster Toadfish - freak of nature that is! Alas, my specialty remains sharks and eels. Sigh. But, it's fun none the less and hopefully before week end I will land something edible! If not, there's always Howard's Pub!

Max and Lucy have been having a ball...their first time at the beach. Lucy was a bit reserved, in her usual prissy manner, but Max was wide open, tongue flapping in the salty breeze. I've never seen a happier dog.
Time to head out for another round...let's see what I get today...

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