Friday, February 18, 2011

Getting Behind Myself


I've spent the week as a "single mom", as DH has been in Minneapolis on business. It's been a real juggling act with overlapping sports events for the eldest, basketball practice for the youngest, and playing nurse to the eldest who succumbed to another sinus infection paired with some mutant virus (thankfully NOT flu!) and has been out of school for the last three days. Needless to say, not much else has been accomplished this week, but we have enjoyed some priceless quality time together. I'm looking forward to that incoming flight tonight and hearing all about the adventure out west, and hopefully returning to a somewhat normal routine next week.

Tomorrow and next Saturday I'll be teaching Surface Design at Sawtooth which will be loads of fun, and Sunday will be the monthly meeting of the Cosmic Cow Society. Tuesday I'll be heading to my Beecassos meeting to pick up the pieces for our upcoming exhibit Beecassos unzipped at Chelsee's which will be showing during the month of March, and I'll also be visiting the Clemmons Guild to talk about Creature Comforts. As soon as I catch up with myself I'll be posting an update on Creature Comforts with some pictures from our initial sew day meeting. I'm very excited with the response to that program I've been getting from my local quilting friends!

So....Stay tuned! Meanwhile, I'm going to go outside and soak up some of this 72* weather!

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