Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Darned thing about viruses is that they seem to be rather contagious. And, it seems, I got in the pathway of the one making the rounds through my house (or maybe it got in my way), so I missed the Cosmic Cow Society meeting, the Beecassos meeting, AND the Clemmons Guild meeting! BAH!! BAD VIRUS!!!

Fortunately Gail and Penny collected the pieces for the upcoming Beecassos show, and Kathy was able to tell the Clemmons group about Creature Comforts, so I can just focus on getting over this crud and getting my son over it as well. I'm thankful for my friends stepping in to get things done while I've been knocked off my feet! Playing nurse and patient at the same time is not much fun.

Ah, Spring...I know you are just around the corner! I'll be so glad when you are here to stay :)


Salem Stitcher said...

Gosh, I hate you missed all the festivities. It's bad enough to be sick but to be sick and miss fun things is so much worse. Feel better soon!

I'm thinking spring as hard as I can!

Nane said...

GP and I have passed one back and forth, ours was just a bad cold but gosh this year's strains seem persistant. Yep I am ready for Spring too!