Monday, November 16, 2009


NQR...that's "Not Quilt Related" for my non-fiber art readers!

Though it was inspiring on many levels and I imagine there are elements that will make it into a future piece or two... guess where we were this past weekend?

Here's another hint...
Yes! Charleston!

Beautiful, elegant, historical Charleston, South Carolina.

*swoon and sigh*


Guess where we slept?

That's right! Aboard the USS Yorktown! Our Scout pack traveled for an adventure weekend, and with several hundred other Scouts from other areas we learned the history of the ship and it's aircraft, saw an amazing movie about the Blue Angels, and even had a hands-on science lesson about the ecosystem of the area. The boys learned how to measure salinity and how the level of that affects aquatic life, and they gathered plankton and studied it under a microscope. Someone had even scooped up a tiny jelly - smaller than the tip of my little finger! We explored the ship,viewing the many artifacts and exhibits aboard, and yes, we ate and slept much like the original seamen would have done back in the day. Only 8 women came from our pack and we were given officers we only had to share rooms that would accommodate six. The boys and men, however, got the enlisted quarters and slept 60 or so to a room, with bunks stacked up to 4 high with not much room in between. Quite the adventure!
The timing of the trip, being so close to Veteran's Day, made it all the more special. God bless our Service men and women! Because of their sacrifices we are free.


Nane said...

That sounds like an awesome trip...good things come to the minorities sometimes too (officers quarters have to beat the bunk beds)

quiltkeemosabe said...

sounds like a wonderful time!

Salem Stitcher said...

Sounds like a great trip. Too cool to stay on the Yorktown!