Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Eleven ALREADY??

I keep getting flashbacks to the episode of 'I Love Lucy' where she was working on the candy line at a factory, and the candies just kept coming faster and faster and faster and there was no way to keep up with the pace of everything flying by...

My firstborn just turned 11! How did THAT happen?? Where is the little baby that I just brought home...or at least it seems like I just did. Time sure does go fast. Now he's almost as tall as I am and I keep teasing him saying that now we'll have to see eye to eye on everything (he tends to like to debate...a future trial lawyer in the making)

In a moment of mild insanity I agreed to a camp-out sleepover party...for 10 boys! On Saturday afternoon about an hour before everyone was to arrive, the sky let loose with its own form of madness in one of the worst storms I've seen in a while...and it happened when I was out picking up the cake. There were trees down and a stoplight had crashed to the pavement...I wasn't sure I was going to get home, but I did...only to find the power was out. No problem...I already had flashlights for each of the boys. My concern was turning the camp-out to a camp-IN!! Fortunately for everyone, as quickly as the weather turned nasty it turned beautiful again. And with the drought we've had, even the vast amount of rainfall had not flooded out the campsite. So the tents went up and the power came back on and all was well.

It was one of the most fun nights we've ever had at our house.

The boys all got along perfectly...we had pizza and cookie cake...they played Spotlight Tag out in the dark yard until they wore themselves out, then piled into the biggest tent to play video games. I sat on the back steps watching the soft flicker of flashlights through the tent walls and listening to them singing and giggling - OK, it wasn't Kum Ba Ya, it was a sing along to a rock song from Guitar Hero - and it was one of those serene moments when everything seems right with the world and you know that lifelong memories are being made. It was just downright blissful.

And in spite of the attempted "spookings" by two of our neighbors (related to two of the guests) all but 4 of the boys actually stayed in the tents all night. (Two of those 4 stayed up until about 3:30, but that's another story! yawn!)

Happy birthday big guy!


quiltkeemosabe said...

What fun!!!!! And trust me the first time you try to lecture him and realize you're looking UP is a really funny feeling! Glad you had a great time. (Mail is on it's way, or will be tomorrow! YIKES)

Nane said...

You are brave that is all I can say.