Monday, December 1, 2014

Hokie Pride

This just hit my featured in The Blacksburg Partnership's newsletter! I think it's so cool that visitors love to have a photo op with my creation...lots of memories made there!! Hokie Pokie Dot was done for the original Gobble d'Art in 2006 and is now available in a 2' reproduction size (all proceeds benefit The Blacksburg Partnership). Visit their site for more information on it and many other Hokie gift items!

Hokie Statue Spotlight- Holiday Inn Blacksburg
"We purchased the Hokie Pokie Dot bird during a 2006 auction. The decision was made to purchase that particular statue because the color scheme went very well with the hotel and is a great representation of Virginia Tech’s colors, Chicago Maroon and Burnt Orange. Ours is one of the most photographed - we don’t know if that’s because we are a hotel, so it's convenient, or if people just really love the pokie-dot design! We have many families that stay with us for football games and graduation, they get so excited to be able to take a photograph with him and take a little piece of Blacksburg home."

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