Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Hokie Graduation

Late last year I was contacted by a family whose son would be graduating from VA Tech this spring to see if I would create a custom painted Hokie Bird for his graduation gift. How exciting! They found me because of my prior creation of the 5' tall Hokie Pokie Dot (now available in a mini from The Blacksburg Partnership's Gobble De Art all proceeds benefit TBP) Of course I said yes!! Working with The Blacksburg Partnership and VA Tech licensing, I was able to create this piece for Stephen. Introducing Hokie Triathlete! Sporting the Tech Triathlete uniform, this bird's feathers highlight the three events - running, swimming, and cycling. 

© Karen Newman Fridy

© Karen Newman Fridy

© Karen Newman Fridy

On the back of his tail feathers are his graduation year, the symbol for Search and Rescue, and the symbol for The German Club, two of his other major activities while in school. And, he has Stephen's blue eyes.  :)

The unique thing about this commission is that there were no blank forms available in the mini 2' high size. Ironically, my mini Hokie Pokie Dot was the simplest one to deconstruct to create a blank canvas for this new piece. I have to say I've never undone a prior work to create a new work...it was a little strange! It took a bit of sanding and prep work but in the end it was worth it!

Now that graduation has completed and the gift given I can share this secret surprise. Congratulations Stephen!! I know there are many successful days ahead in your future!

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Linda said...

It is amazing! I love the details! :)