Friday, January 3, 2014

And Now It's 2014...


I'm not even sure how a new year has gotten here so fast! So much has happened and so much has changed, that I guess it's fitting a fresh new year has begun. I can honestly say I can look back at 2013 with some very fond memories, some proud accomplishments, three major milestones (turning 50, wedding anniversary #20, elder son turning 16) and no regrets, but also with a painful realization that my life has been way too overbooked for way too long and the toll that has taken on everything in my world has become too great. I have taken a big step back from the forest of my life, looked at what was bearing fruit and what was not, and am taking steps- some big, some small, some heartbreaking- towards making changes that will hopefully restore some balance, health, and breathing room to my world.

Categorically I can say that quilting and art, for now, are going back into the "probby" file ("probby" being a professional hobby, something that might make a little money but is not a primary means of making a 'living'). That's not to say that I won't be doing it at all. On the contrary, those things are absolutely necessary...they feed my soul! Unfortunately though, after due time and dedication, I have been forced to face the reality that as a full-time pursuit they don't feed my kids. And dang y'all....I have two teenage boys. If you've raised boys you know all they do is eat!! ;)

And so, I regroup... redirect...reevaluate. I will be taking on interior design projects again. For the short term at least, I will still be running quilts (gotta make the loan payments on the longarm while I'm regrouping and reevaluating!). And I will be giving myself permission to take better care of myself. Actually, I am requiring that.

To the road ahead! Forward the adventures 2014 will bring.

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Good for you... in every sense of that phrase, especially the most literal one! Breathe in, breathe out... take good care of you and everything else will fall in line. Glad to see you back in blogworld!