Saturday, May 12, 2012


I know I rarely post about my interiors projects, but I really do do design! Quite often it's more architectural drawings, space planning, etc. Things that are fun and challenging but don't necessarily produce the "pretty picture" at the end of the job. A great set of drawings, yes. Awesome use of space, yes. But who goes "oooh! Great blueprints!" or "Wow! Great space plan!" so I don't find those jobs to be post-worthy.

Then there are also projects where I get to do more finish work and at the moment I have two like that. One is a fast-tracker, so I am working on it this weekend. Preliminary colors have been chosen and are awaiting approval from the CEO...meanwhile, I'm playing with tile patterns for their break room!

Next I'm jumping to the other project which is still in the space planning stage and is awaiting some revisions and square foot calculations. My goal is to get caught up so tomorrow - Mother's Day - I can SEW!!!


Salem Stitcher said...

Cool! Kinda like designing a quilt!

Nane said...

Yep, tile patterns...quilt blocks, I see the similarities!