Saturday, October 1, 2011

Color Me Proud...Uh Huh!

It didn't take long for the youngest to have his sketchbook assignment chosen for the teacher's blog, seen here . This one was illustrating song lyrics of their choice. I think the Zac Brown Band would approve.

The youngest is really getting into colored pencil drawing, which fascinates me. See, in my earliest creative days I was totally into crayons and color, but once I started formal art lessons I was all about pencil drawings. The regular kind - black and white. And ink. Stippling was my most favorite there. Well, until I started painting I guess, and then my love for color kicked back in where it's been happily ever since. :)

Anyway, I'm really enjoying seeing all of the posts on Art Over Time! I love seeing what the kids are doing in middle school art. I hope you will pop over there and have a look through for yourself.

Meanwhile, here's another assignment by the youngest  for your viewing pleasure:

Yep. Mama is proud of her boys!!


Colleen said...

You have great boys to be proud of.

Karen Newman Fridy said...

Thanks! :)

Nane said...

I loved art in school too, glad to see its not completely out of the curriculum. You do have two great boys!