Monday, February 15, 2010

The White Heron

On Friday of last week I took a drive across the state to Dunn, NC to meet with the owner of the White Heron Gallery. Twice rescheduled due to snow, I was glad to finally make the trip! The gallery is a renovated two story 1930's house with great architectural details. (click on the link and then click on the white heron to see pictures) Still a work in progress, it is scheduled to open in just a few weeks. The owner, Adelaide, is an absolute of those people you feel like you've known forever. She is an incredible artist herself, and has a great vision for the gallery.

I'm pleased to announce that she will be carrying my work!


Sue Reno said...

Congratulations on the gallery representation, good for you!

Salem Stitcher said...

Congratulations Karen! Maybe a road trip is due soon?