Saturday, August 1, 2009

Art Now 2009

This is the piece I have created for this year's Art Now for Autism fundraising event. It is 8 x 9.5" and incorporates paint stamped puzzle prints, teeny wonky strip piecing, commercial batik, printed text on fabric, FMQ, and a hand painted and gloss varnished puzzle piece using Lumiere paint, sewn on with hand dyed floss.

I knew I wanted to incorporate the puzzle pieces in some way, but otherwise I just set about creating. I love when a piece comes together without much preconceived notion of how it will finish.

This year seems to have been an especially trying one for my friend whose son has Aspergers. He will be starting 6th grade in a few weeks...middle school. The time in life where friends start to move in new directions, some going to this school, some going to that, some going to others. My friend worries about how her son will adjust...that's a big transition for any kid, where they leave the security and familiarity of elementary school, the place of friendships nurtured since preschool, and seek to find their way in a whole new realm. Where will he fit in?

I thought about that for a long's like a puzzle. Where do all the pieces fit? Is there a place for all of them?

Think about the hardest puzzle you have ever done. It takes time to sort it all out and to begin to put the first pieces together. Some of the pieces look exactly the same...some look like they couldn't possibly belong. Yet, the picture cannot be completed without all of them. And usually the most unique ones are the ones everyone wants to find. At our house there's always a race to find them and to be the one who gets to put the last piece in place.

So this year's creation gives voice to my reflections. The size is a little off "standard"...the strip piecing goes this way and that...the puzzles pieces are scattered and there's no telling yet where they fit. But in the end it all comes together.

And I know him...he will find his place too.


Be sure to click on the Art Now link above, or scroll down the blog until you see the Art Now logo in the right hand column. There's still time to contribute if you want to help out, and it's not just for fiber art! Also, hop over to Colorful Art Girl's blog for a fantastic giveaway celebrating this event!


Claudine said...

Love it! Love it! Love it! Fabulous piece!

Those middle school years are tough on everyone, and even harder when you are on the spectrum.

Thank you so much for your continued support!

- Claudine Intner, Art Now for Autism

Salem Stitcher said...

Gorgeous piece Karen! How your artist's mind work inspires me.

norma said...

It's a wonderful piece, Karen. I love the colors and the puzzle theme, so apropos for this event.

Judy Alexander said...

Perfect for the event. Love the concept and piece.

LauraQuilts said...

What a moving piece - it's fabulous.

Nane said...

You did a great job bringing their theme into your art...hope it raises lots of $$

Judith Glover said...


The puzzle pieces and words are a great way to express a positive approach to a difficult situation. I admire your creativity and the thoughtfulness the quilt shows, and the I also admire the strength in the way the design elements of the quilt fit together. If I had Aspergers I would treasure this quilt!