Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What Can I Say...'s baseball season! Which means between eldest son being on the school team and a travel team, and youngest being in Little League, not much else is getting done around here! We have games pretty much everyday at one place or another. I  do love it and I know these days will all too soon fly by and I'll wonder where they went.

I have been doing some major cleaning and reorganizing in the studio (I know, I know...again?? Will it ever end? LOL). The nature of my interiors business has changed and evolved over the last few years. Where before it was necessary to have a big library of samples, now everything is available on line. I can pick specific items per project and have just those samples sent to me as needed. I just don't need all that stuff taking up space to do what I do in that part of my life.

So, I've been purging and rearranging, making use of that shelf space for fibers classes supplies, and dyeing supplies, and beads... the net result being that everything is about to finally have a place and my worksurfaces won't have to be a catch-all anymore! It's a miracle!! With past clean up efforts I've gotten it to a workable point and then jumped into a project and messed it all up again before I really got it all the way clean, This time I'm pushing myself to GET IT DONE...all the way. I might even be able to take and post some pictures soon. :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hannes, the Amazing

What a wonderful surprise this morning to read this post by Hannes. He is truly handsome...and he has a big heart too. Thanks Hannes!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Creature Comforts workday

Yesterday the lovely and talented actress and comedienne Sarah Barnhardt of The Dueling Butter Knives virtual comedy blog joined me and my CSE (Chief Sorting Executive) Holly during our workday for Creature Comforts. We had a great time, well...cutting up!

Thanks Sarah, for helping get the word out! You are now a rotary cutting expert. :)

A new class has started with New Leash on Life and I'm behind on production! My goal is to get 5 beds to them ASAP. The chopping-fabric-by-hand-thing is quite time consuming and slowing me down. I know they make industrial fabric shredders but that's not financially feasible, and I've already tried using my paper shredder. That didn't work! Embossed the fabric, which might come in handy at some point for an art quilt, but it was no help for the task at hand. So, if any of you out there have ideas, I'm listening!

A special thanks to Sew Original for hosting this first open workday and being a scrap collection center, to Shelby, the most beautiful Shih Tzu ever, for modeling the pet beds, and a HUGE thanks to my bee-mates from Miss Bee Havin for having not one but TWO chopping parties for this project so far!

The next workday is scheduled for April 15, 10-12:00 at Sewingly Yours in Lewisville. It's tax deadline day...bring your rotary cutter and mat and take out your frustrations! Or, celebrate, if you happen to be getting a refund! :)